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West Front - 1944, July 8th - Action at Galmanche (1)
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  • West Front - 1944, July 8th - Action at Galmanche (1)


    Here is an after action report of a demo game with the scenario "Action at Galmanche" from the rulesbook of IABSM v3 of the Too Fat Lardies

    On the 8th of July, 1944, north of Caen, the C Company, 2/6 South Staffordshire Regiment and Shermans of the East Riding Yeomanry have to capture the hamlet of Galmanche defended by the 7 Kompanie, 25 SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment.

    The british blinds move in the open towards the farm,

    And are automaticaly spotted.

    The 2nd platoon of the East Riding Yeomanry under command of LT Sackville takes the lead.

    In the background, blinds are moving through the hedgerows.

    3rd platoon was deployed after being spotted

    It is joined by the 2nd platoon uder command of LT Oiksworth. They are engaged by ss panzer grenadiers behind an hedgerow.

    The panzerschreck team in the ruined stable fires at the Firefly of the 2nd Platoon, destroying the 17pdr. The crew panics and abandons the tank.

    Too confident, 1st platoon Captain Beaumont decides to advance with his platoon and even crosses the hedgerows in order to bypass the farm.

    While british and german sections are exchanging fire from hedgerows to hedgerows, a blind reaches the forest.

    The panzerschreck team has time to fire at VPT Beaumont’s tank and destroyed it.

    The tank killer team fires at another sherman of the platoon and hits the engine.

    The panzerschreck team destroys another sherman.

    The two remaining Sherman of the 1st platoon fire at the building but without sucess.

    The zug 3 that defended the hedgerows in front of the buildings loses his bottle and withdraws towards the Chateau.

    The 1st Platoon under command of LT Roundwood reaches the orchard in the centre.

    A Sherman of the 1st platoon is destroyed by the Anti tank team.

    At this stage, the british commander decides to stop the attack. It is a german victory, the zug 1 and 2 were still occupying the farm buidlings and the Chateau.