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Florent de Ville - Alain de Roucy (13th century)
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  • Florent de Ville - Alain de Roucy (13th century)


    Here are Florent de Ville and Alain de Roucy with their men-at-arms. These two french knights from Champagne are long time friends.Alain de Roucy fought in the battle of Gisors in 1198 where he was defeated by Richard the Lion-heart.

    Florent de Ville and Alain de Roucy joined Simon de Montfort in the Albigensian crusade. The two friends fought at Muret in 1213 and they are the ones who killed the king Pedro of Aragon in the heat of the battle.

    In 1214, they answered the call of their king, Philippe II of France and travelled north to join him at Bouvines.

    Alain de Roucy returned to the south of France two years later at the siege of Beaucaire. In 1218, he was still here at Toulouse when Simon de Montfort died. Alain de Roucy died in 1221 during the siege of his castle in Montreal, Languedoc.

    All the figures are from FireForge Games

    Florent de Ville, Alain de Roucy and sergeants-of-arms

    Sergeants-of-arms and men-at-arms