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Robert de Béthune - Hellin de Wavrin
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  • Robert de Béthune - Hellin de Wavrin


    Here are Robert de Béthune and Hellin de Wavrin with their men-at-arms.

    Robert is Lord of Béthune, Richebourg, Varneston and Termonde. He is the son of William de Bethune. He is a vassal of the count of Flanders. He was the ambassador of Flanders in England.

    In 1213, he helped the destruction of the french fleet in Damme while Lambert Cadoc and Savary de Mauléon, on the french side, plundered the town instead of protecting the ships against William Longépée, Earl of Salisbury’s rescue fleet.

    The following year, he fought at Bouvines on the coalition’s side along with Hellin de Wavrin, lord of Wavrin, Lilliers and Senechal of Flanders. Robert was captured by french knights.

    One of his daughter married Guy de Dampierre, count of Flanders (and grand-son of Guy de Dampierre, Lord of Bourbon). Another one married Hellin de Wavrin, Hellin de Wavrin’s son who fought at Bouvines with his father.

    All the figures are from FireForge Games

    Robert de Béthune, Hellin de Wavrin and sergeants-of-arms