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  • Who’s that guy ?


    I’m living near Paris, France. I have been gaming with miniatures since 1981 and my first D&D games.

    When I was a Kid, I liked to play with 54mm figures (pre-painted) from Starlux, some very nice Cowboys, Indians, Knights or Soldiers. Later I also played with the Airfix plastic figures.

    But the RPGs gave me the opportunity to game with 25mm figures. And finally 5 years later, there was a lot of figures in my games.

    So I began to paint Warhammer armies in the early 90’s, then Warhammer 40K.

    After a break, playing computer games and designing scenarios for Steel Panthers (Novastar Game Co) and maps for DooM, Quake and finally Q3F. But I came back to the minis once again with D&D (3).

    And since 2003, I have been painting mainly historical figures.