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SW:A - Wolf Scouts vs Crimson Slaughter ( Guerilla)
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  • SW:A - Wolf Scouts vs Crimson Slaughter ( Guerilla)


    Scenario : Guerilla with secret objective Neutralize - War Sands mat from PWorks Wargames.


    The Wolf scouts have to neutralize the Chaos Space Marine with the Bolter.

    Turn 1

    The two Wolf scouts on the left advance towards the Generator and the Chaos Space Marine with the Missile Laucher.

    Gunnar opens fire with his Heavy Bolter on the Crimson Slaughter’s aspirant.

    Lehmen is hit multiple times and put out of action...

    Fressen fires a Frag missile at Thorvald but the Wolf Scout is only pinned.

    Turn 2

    Havardr flames the Chaos Space Marine.

    Richter, the last Chaos Space Marine decides to withdraw behind the Generator.

    Turn 3

    Erling, the Wolf scout sergeant sprints towards the pipes.

    The Chaos cultists arrive and fire at the Wolf Scouts.

    Turn 4

    Gunnar manages to pin one of them.

    Turn 5

    Richter fires at the two wolf scouts to support the Cultists.

    Ario, the cultist with his jammed assault rifle, charges the Wolf scout but fails in the hand to hand fight.

    Turn 6

    Erling and Vidar charge Richter, the CSM to neutralize and Vidar manages to put him out of action with his chainsword.

    It is a Wolf scouts victory !