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SW:A - Dark Angels Scouts vs Crimson Slaughter (Skirmish)
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  • SW:A - Dark Angels Scouts vs Crimson Slaughter (Skirmish)


    Scenario : Skirmish - Industrial Ruins mat from PWorks Wargames.


    The Chaos Space Marines of the Crimsom Slaughter led by Kriechbaum deploy first then the Dark Angels scouts of Sergeant Naaman.

    Turn 1

    The Dark Angels scouts move first. Keliphon finds a line of sight and fires a frag missile.

    Kriechbaum and Hagen, a cultist are hit by the explosion and went down.

    Turn 2

    The Crimson Slaughter moves. Werner and two cultists are in overwatch.

    Turn 3

    Teldis, the sniper opens fire at a CSM and hit him. Werner is pinned

    Sergeant Naaman and Kudin runs towards the furnace.

    Turn 4

    Willen fires at a scout with his auto-cannon. Ras is out of action.

    Turn 5

    Keliphon fires a frag missile at Willen but the missile misfires

    Turn 6

    Willen covers the movement of his companion.

    Turn 7

    Sergeant Naaman leaves his cover and tosses a frag grenade at the cultists.

    One cultist is put out of action, the other is pinned.

    Werner is targeted by Teldis but the sniper misses.

    Turn 8

    Willen fires at Sergeant Namaan with his autocannon.

    He scores two hits and six wounds. But the Dark Angel scout is just down.

    Kriechbaum the leader, had managed to find a cover but he is out of action now.

    Turn 9

    Teldis fires at a cultist over the furnace. The cultist is out of action and falls down.

    Sergeant Naaman finds a light cover behind a pillar.

    Turn 10

    Werner moves behind the furnace

    The CSM fires at the Dark Angel scout and hit him.

    The scout is not wounded but he loses his balance and falls down. He is out of action.


    With three men down, one pinned, the Dark Angels withdraw.