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Carentan - Cafe de l’Octroi (part I)
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  • Carentan - Cafe de l’Octroi (part I)


    I’m currently working on a 28mm version of the Café de l’Octroi in Carentan. To make a long story short, it started when Dominic Goh showed us his great Café Désiré Ingouf in Carentan.

    I contacted the Carentan 101st Airborne Association and one of its members kindly offered me to take some photos.

    On this map of Carentan, the red dot is the location of the LMG that opened fire at the US airborne troops in the Café. The red lines are the routes the E/506th PIR used to enter the town. The main force arrived by the CD903.

    N171 - Road to Periers / CD903 Road to Baupte

    With their help, I learned that the CD903 was the dirtroad that the E Company / 2nd Battalion / 506th PIR, used to attack Carentan on the morning of the 12th of june’44 . And this road arrives on a Y crossroad, in front of the Café de l’Octroi. In this building, some of the remaining FallschirmJägers in Carentan set up a MG42.

    CD903 from the crossroads

    The Y crossroads from the Periers roads

    In Mark Bando’s books there are some pictures of this road in june’44

    I have already some generic french buildings but I want something more historical so I decided to build the Cafe de l’Octroi.

    The Cafe de l’Octroi from the CD903

    The initial drawing is finished. I drew the various sides on a foamcard.

    part II